Heavy Sword review (iOS / Universal)

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heavy sword pic 6175

10 word description: Retro style coin-collecting, monster-bashing platformer. With a sword.

heavy sword pic 0767

10 word review: Pure platforming joy with some irritating technical issues to overcome.

heavy sword pic 6220

You will like this if you enjoy: The idea of a Super Mario style platform game with upgradeable melee weapons.

heavy sword pic 6221

The good news: Gameplay, graphics, level design, enemies, weapons and power-ups. All of those elements are individually very good and packaged together as a strikingly entertaining and enjoyable game. Controls are ok, but the behaviour of the direction buttons could be improved. The shop (no IAPs) adds a depth and purpose to the coin collecting. There are only a few upgrades to buy but they are useful and worth saving up for. Mini games and secret areas are the icing on a very enjoyable platform gaming cake.

heavy sword pic 6225

The bad news: Left/Right buttons don’t allow for sliding your finger from one button to the other. For example…

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