Sweet Flag


Returning to an experience like Dishonored, especially after some time has passed, can be both hugely rewarding and a huge slap to my face. I originally had no plans to pick up the game upon original release and for that thought-crime I should be sorely punished.

In the very first post here I rushed in my top ten games from the last five years. I placed Dishonored in 9th spot but I now see that was a mistaken value to give the game. In retrospect, I’d rate it far higher than that. It could well be my favourite game since 2008 when I first played Bioshock on my sparkling new 360. Five years on and Dunwalls scope, variety and re-playability are totally in-tune with my own imagination. As game-worlds go I have concluded that Dunwall trumps all those other playgrounds with the choice it allows me in my approach and…

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